Why pay cash or credit when you can get a better deal?

“Reanimacija” is an effective form of musical treatment for ailments related to consumerism.  It naturally lifts your spirits and challenges hard-set perceptions on value and consumption through ‘priceless’ musical interactions.  It reminds us of the importance of human warmth and generosity despite without a price tag.  It encourages us to give the best of ourselves without money being an issue or motivating factor.

Love for money and valuing everything in terms of dollars and euros has made us ill.  In a world where so many of us drudge along like mindless zombies in a never ending cycle of earning and spending, “Reanimacija” is the best way to jolt us back to our senses.  The ambulance and medical props we use are there for a reason.  Music is just what the doctor ordered.  A course of musical human generosity heals both the patients and those administrating the treatment.  The healing process is based on reciprocity where giving is just as powerful as getting.

The treatment is not free.  It’s not cheap either.  You give to get, and you get to give.  We exchange as humans.  In this case, your money is no good.  Come up with an idea, a promise, an offer, a thing or anything else that you believe will entice us and let the negotiation begin.  A collection of hand-crafted mugs and kitchenware, a trip to mont-blanc, a promise to assist from the Lithuanian fire-brigade, PR services, dental implants, and organic vegetables are just a few of the many examples of what I have played for through ‘reanimation’.

Meaningful emotions are what we crave.  Our mission is to get others hooked on the same ‘fix’.

My music in return for your ideas and suggestions. Let’s make magic.